Game iOS dan Android Yang Wajib di download

Game iOS dan Android Yang Wajib di download

To end your weekend started early May at the same time, the team Tekno would invite you to view a selection of five mobile games are worth a try for this week.

Fifth mobile game can be downloaded on iOS and Android operating systems. Some title of this game is the popular game series, call Mortal Kombat X and Star Wars.

The fifth game has a variety of genres that is unique and different from each other. Like Final Fantasy Record Keeper who has adapted the RPG genre and all the characters and the story in a series of Final Fantasy series, there is also the Light Attack Steven Universe, RPG game with the feel of the cartoon is so thick and interactive.

Following the next game, there Mortal Kombat X, one fighting game titles that familiar sound in the ears of gamers. Then there is the Mega Drift racing game, racing games better with its unique and beautiful environment, and there is a Star Wars Rebels: Recon Mission, adventure games Star Wars is fun and not to be missed

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