About Me

Hi, my name is Nanang Rizky Wijaya. This is my new blog, I started active blogging since 2015 after I bought my first laptop from saving the results after all this time, I have few blogs and especially themed on computers and knowledge. Through the internet I started to learn English and as you can see my english is so bad but I will try forward my english tobe better.

I live in a small town called KotaBaru, a province in the western part of the Republic of Indonesia. I really love the world of computers, especially the linux open source and the web.

I mean to make this blog is to share knowledge about my life, news, android, some fun and their peripherals as well as some tips that might be useful for you. thus a glimpse of my profile and I hope if you want to share your knowledge and tutorial to me via email so that I can write in my blog.

Point of my blog
http://Nanangrizkywijaya.blogspot.com is a blog that share about my life, news, tutorials, stories, fun, news, science and others. 

http://nanangrizkywijaya  is to provide some unique world news, tutorials with the download link very easily and without excessive popup and especially from spyware.

Please check that you have downloaded the file before using it. I am not responsible for damage caused by the used file.
If you require any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact me.

thank you.

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