Raspberry Pi, Komputer Mini Masa Kini

Raspberry Pi Komputer Mini Masa Kini

Raspberry Pi is a mini kit that can be made mini computer
Raspberry OS can vary, one of his Debi a Linux that has been in a mini package kea.
Raspberry consists of several models:
Raspberry pi Model A
Raspberry Pi model B

What is there in this Raspberry? Look below:
2 Ports USB
1 Port HMI
1 Port RCA for Video output
1 Port Audio 3.5mm
1 Port SD Card
1 Port RJ 45 (Ethernet LAN Port)

Power consumption: 750mAh / 5VDC / mini usb charge in use in the charger blackberr
Raspberry excess can be used for projects, for example:

1. NAS (Network Attached Storage) which as IP-based file server.
Home users now can have a NAS that can run 24-hours a day with electricity consumption of about 50rb / year

2. Media Server
If you want to have HD Media Player, a tool that can play music files, pictures, and videos on the hard drive, Raspberry Pi can be made in the media player using the HDMI or RCA port
You can watch streaming online TV can watch YouTube or play your favorite movies.

3. Print Server
Print Server is a tool that is connected to the printer, making your printer can be used together in a LAN network
Raspberry Pi can also be made in the print server, by connecting the printer that you want to make the printer Network

4. Server Torrent -Bitterest
Raspberry Pi can also be made in the server to download Torrent

5. Download manager
Raspberry Pi computer that can be used as downloading movie files that we can live without worrying about electricity consumption.

6. Wi-Fi Internet Radio Player
Raspberries can also be used to play music that is streamed from the Internet Radio, you can adjust the volume, adjust the song list from your phone (Android, Blackberry)

7. Reporting Dashboard
Imagine in the room Manager, your CEO, there is a monitor with touch screen capabilities, and behind the monitor in pairs Raspberry + Sub Wi-Fi___33 Mini,
Then you install Chromium browser and setting whenever Raspberry automatically turns on then directly open your internal website that contains Dashboard Report example
Report Receivable / Payable this month, Sales that occurred on this day, all that online can be a recap of the browser window.

8. Home Automation
You can create a Home Automation to control lights, watering the garden, fan, air conditioning, and the other two, and can be set either on the LCD screens or you’re mobile.

9. Server Hosting website
You have an internet connection at home with middling speed? had a public is?
Raspberries can also be a server for hosting your website, based html, php and mysql
You can create a website for example for company profile or wordpres as CMS
economical right?

Raspberry also be combined again (cluster) to get a better performance.
other than that there are many uses of this one tool, the price of each of these respberry assortment please try greatness of this one tool.

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