Real Madrid's decision to the goalkeeper Cassilas

Iker Casillas 

Real Madrid had already decided what the future of goalkeeper Iker Casillas. "Los Blancos" already gives a good signal to the legendary goalkeeper Casillas because it can survive in the Bernabeu for the next few seasons.

"If you want to stay in Madrid, you can do it. We still maintain you for next season," said General Director of Real Madrid, Jose Angel Sanchez was quoted as saying by Marca.

It was disclosed at a news Jose with Casillas. The meeting was to ascertain if the relationship between Madrid and Casillas that has existed for 17 years is maintained. This is also to dampen rumors Casillas will leave next season.

Iker Casillas

This initial meeting could determine the future direction Casillas. Although, this is not necessarily the Madrid goalkeeper end his career in Madrid. In addition, he can no longer be threatened with number one goalkeeper. This is because it would be the presence of David de Gea to the Bernabeu.
Casillas itself is under contract two years. In addition, he also has an option for renewal for another year. If Casillas survived the fate Keylor Navas?

Casillas was briefly upset caused Madrid fans who often menyiulinya. But based on experience, although upset and angry, Casillas is always melted and opted to stay because it is very in love with "Los Blancos".
This practical bodes ill for Navas. Madrid reserve goalkeeper is certainly going to be the third goalkeeper if persisted in Madrid. You see, the presence of De Gea certain to be increasingly sliding position.

Costa Rica's goalkeeper was showing his frustration. "If I do not play, how can I prove it?" Navas said, as reported by Football Espana, Tuesday (19/05/2015)
The former Levante goalkeeper, arriving at the Santiago Bernabeu last summer after a large impressive performances in the World Cup Brazil along Costa Rica.

However, he spent most of the season became the second goalkeeper in the shadow of Iker Casillas. Navas also admitted that he could not spend one year on the bench.
"Just because I did not complain to the media, does not mean that I do not fight," said Navas. "I want to play more [this season]. I never thought again become a backup goalie," he added.

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